Loving someone back to life

A few Sunday's ago, Bishop Bronner said this, "I am capable of loving someone back to life" I always knew this, but I never really thought of it in that way. Interesting.

Whenever you are dealing with a person who is experiencing grief, pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal or just life-If they reach for you...you are one of their #LifeSupportPeople

Don't ignore the call.

Know this...Nobody stays on life support forever and when you have compassion for people-you will be given the strength to endure. You will also know HOW to love them back to life..In turn, know your #LifeSupportPeople For me, they breathed the word into my spirit, broke out the paddles, said "CLEAR" and restarted my heart when I was sure it was forever broken.

Now that you are back on your feet, you are at peace, you are looking fine, feeling wonderful, pockets full and everything is everything... Call your #LifeSupportPeople -they were there when no one else was. I am just delivering the message.... 😇

Love and light to you framily! Rene'

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